June meets Jenna

June meets Jenna

Your modern day June meets Jenna...  
From champagne in heels to beer in a ball cap, my life's journey has taught me to appreciate, embrace and enjoy all the avenues of life! I am educated, classy and poised yet seductive, sensual and sassy. I value and respect the uncomplicated anonymity of my clients and expect the very same in return.

Let me create an invigorating getaway
 Allow my unyielding passion and my vigarious sass to convince you that 

I am both the June and the Jenna you crave! 





Added on March 1, 2018

Ashtyn has been a nearly exclusive regular for me for over three years now. While you may yawn and say "boring", one of the primary reasons she has been my "go to gal" is that what we do is quite different every time we meet up. We hadn't seen each other in over six months. I wanted to be casual about it, even though I truly wanted to jump her when she walked through my front door. We often have a glass of wine and warm up to each other a bit before going BCD. Ashtyn had no such intentions. She suggested we move BCD immediately and she needed to reignite our passion. And who am I to object to that? She had on a beautiful little black dress, and I am pretty certain she had lost some weight since I last saw her. We tore each other's clothes off and had a major sense of urgency in just wanting to be all over each other. If you can imagine a military guy and his girl who hadn't seen each other in a year, this was EXACTLY what went on. Making out, hands every wear, passion just knocking down the walls. Ashtyn wanted to "go first", but I wasn't about to let her. Took some lessons from a Nina Hartley video and went to town DATY with her. Three crazy O's later she finally begged for a break. I was humored because in O #3 she initially pushed me off because she couldn't take any more, then pushed me right back in - nearly suffocating me, because she didn't want the feeling to stop. After Ashtyn caught her breath, she went for a long 10-15 BBBJ on me. Soft yet firm and taking her time, I was just losing it. Then she lubed up her 34Ds and away on the Russian we went. From there both of our passionate energies were about to explode. But Ashtyn was ready with the cover - and on to an explosion we both went. When we were finished, both soaking wet in sweat, Ashtyn mentioned that she never got that sweaty, but she just lost control. Me too. On to a equally awesome part of our evening. We spent the next 90 minutes with me cooking her dinner and serving up some wine. Over these 3 and 1/2 years we've become good friends. And while we have our hour BCD, it is equally important to both of us to have an equal amount of time to hang out and discuss life. As in the title, I expect to be moving out of Dallas soon. When I do, there will certainly be no woman I will miss more (even on a personal basis) than the incomparable Ashtyn Belle.

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