Verification Options & Form

Thank you for your inquiry & I am genuinely flattered & always appreciative that something you saw & read about me lead you to visit me here...
I look forward to learning a little about you, possibly meeting your acquaintance & making a new friend!

There are 2 ways to get verified for an appointment:

1st Option- Please refer to the contact page and complete the booking request. It ensures, with a safe d
egree of certainty, that both of parties are legit and established, on gives insight to both of our possible compatibility.  Be sure and read all the info and fill it out 100%. If any part isn't answered you wont be processed for verification. I ask that you take a few minutes to view my site completely as almost all questions you might have are addressed and answered. Once that is received we can move on to the fun stuff.

2nd Option-Or a Second option is to complete the verification sheet I have included below. Once I receive one of these two answered completely then I would love to look at our calendars! Most important is to verify your ID and be able to receive complete confirmation from the 2-3 references your provide.

Client's Information for verification:

Phone:(I Will NEVER call initiating contact & will only text if replying to a text received from a client)-
Company website-linking you to employment (if available- helpsverify one especially if there are no provider references available to contact)
City (from):
City (appt):
(P411, TER, Date-Check, ECCIE etc)
Date requesting:
Time requesting:
Appt length-(1hr, 90 min, 2hr etc):
Incall or Outcall:
(My Incall location aprrox -75 & Live Oak Street)
Special Requests or Preferences:

Additional comments:

Hugs & Blessings
Ashtyn Belle
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TER- 252060